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ads. vice president biden interrupting and being disruptive while mr. ryan was trying to talk to us was very disruptive to me, but i don't feel mr. ryan answered questions. >> and our coverage continues right now. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. we're in the cnn election center for a come on hennive look at how paul ryan did in this debate. we're releasing the results of the poll of debate watchers. who won tonight? john berman continues to pore through the candidates' answers. erin burnett stands by. when they gave the candidates highest and lowest marks. we expected a lively debate and we got it. congressman ryan argued forcefully for changes in the program and said it will go bankrupt. and he said the president's health care reform plan makes things worse. >> look what obama care does. it takes $716 billion from medicare to spend on obama care. even their own chief actuary says you can't claim this goes to medicare and obama care and then they cut medicare each and every year in
to be called mr. ryan later on this evening. in one corner paul ryan in an ice cream shop on the campaign trail, mitt romney's running mate didn't exactly predict a rocky road in his first debate with joe biden. but he did give the vice president the edge. >> joe biden's been on this stage before. he's been on the big stanls. this is my first time. >> reporter: in the other corner a man who's been on this stage before. >> ever seen me rope-a-dope? >> reporter: but biden better have his gloves up. ryan will be looking to debate substance, the wyoming congressman will zero in on this widely received presidential gaffe earlier this month. >> how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried for the last four years. >> reporter: the obama campaign is looking to biden to go after romney's recent comments and how people with pre-existing conditions could attain health care in a romney administration. romney told the columbus dispatch, no, you go to the hospital. you t treated and you get care and it's paid for either by charity, the government or by the hospital. we don't have
, reporters, john king. >> after the debate. america needs more of that. these are happy warriors. mrs. ryan went over and talked to the vice president. and we need more of that in washington and across america. people who can have a spirited debate, disagree on just about everything and then shake hands, say hey, how are you doing? >> i got the sense that joe biden enjoyed the debate. >> we talked about this at the beginning. a leading compassionate conservative voice and a leading compassionate liberal voice, but they respect the other side. they both did what they wanted to do the democrats are happy. look at the twitter verse, read e-mail, democrats were despondent, dispirited, in the first debate. happy tonight. he showed his boss what it is to engage, engage, engage. paul ryan came in, had to defend mitt romney. had to prove he was president. god forbid if he was president. there wasn't a wipeout in this debate. both sides came in, thinking we'll leave prosecute what we have to do. >> let's go to our panelist, joe biden. >> show me a policy where you take responsibility. by the way, th
thought regarding mr. biden and mr. ryan. also eigd gill leprosy. we wi >> we will get feedback from geraldo rivera. on the channel you are watching "fox." >> 7 minutes to the sttop of th hour. the noble peace prize winner just announced moments ago. here is who it went to. >> the noble peace prize of 2012 is to be awarded to the european union. >> the european union despite the fact that the eu is currently facing a huge economic crisis. the decision praising the eu for promoting peace and democracy in europe. the iphone playing i spy on you yet again. the new report says iphone's operating system let's them prak user's behavior. it can be turned off but there's a three step process involved in your general settings. it disabled tracking in the past after criticism from customers. >> we wanted to another what you thought of last night's vice presidential debate. >> wade tweeting to us biden's lack of respect for biden only shows me his lack of respect for someone who has a different opinion. biden gacame to the debate with blame for the administration's failures. irene e-mailed us i
and cnbc did polls and mr. ryan was on top. cbs had one with some focus group. they felt that the vice president won. peggy nuland writes fort second time in two weeks, the democrat came out and defeated himself. in both cases, the republican was strong and the democrat somewhat disturbing. another way to say it is the old man tried it patronize the kid and the kid stood his ground. the old man pushed and the kid pushed back. >> brian: she did not mean that complimentary. >> gretchen: i actually think had is a debate that's going to percolate over a couple of days. when people go back and read and maybe see video and see this reaction, i think it may percolate over time where people will maybe change their opinion of exactly how it went. >> brian: it was -- >> gretchen: i think a lot of people -- i think it rubbed them the wrong way with the attitude. the headlines now. one month after ambassador chris stevens was murdered, the obama administration has named a new american envoy to libya. lawrence pope will represent our country until the white house nominate has new ambassador. >> bri
in the debate is joe biden's dent mr. #2: . he does have a beautiful set of choppers and we saw them a lot in inappropriate times and saw them a lot when paul ryan talked about the four americans murdered in libya and we saw the greatt big grin and laughs, inappropriate. >> gretchen: that specifically yes. and if you are thinking in the of the advisors, look people know you as a charming guy and nice guy and get along with everybody . show how nice you are and smile. that was overdone maybe and then it went in the condescension mode and very inappropriate at times as well. >> brian: i have a friend when somebody falls and hurt themselves can't stop laugh every time someone falls she break in laughter. in one way when joe biden wants to show excitement and intensity. he can't help but smile. look at the left side of the screen. >> steve: rnc had a video put together . runs a minute long and shows all of the inappropriate laughs during moments of comber conversation by paul ryan and unemployment and stuff like that and in the end it said wh is so funny, joe? >> gretchen: usually saturday nig
wanted to hear more specifics on the health care cuts that mr. ryan and mr. romney were going to do. i want to hear more specifics on that plan. i did not hear that, and when you said we're going to do tax cuts and a 20% tax cut and it, you know, was there nothing to it, and it was just, like, this is what we're going to do, trust us. i don't trust them. >> what did you want to hear more about? >> i'm sorry, you called for bill? >> yes, bill. what did you want to hear more of? >> i wanted to hear more about the foreign policy aspect of things. i thought the libyan answers from the vice president were weak. i also would like to have been shown where the 5.2 million private sector jobs came from. i was a little bit disappointed and he comes with the wrong premise starting out and that is that he doesn't really care that much about american strength and american influence. he comes from a different position. >> yea. the libya response was not a good response from the vice president. it was probably one of the lowest points in the debate last night for him. listen,y know you didn't get muc
, mr. ryan has had nine, 90-minute workouts. in other words, the length of the debate tonight and his sparring partner was ted olsen. >> he worked out to the p 90 x's? biden has been debating 47 years! >> steve: they're ready. >> they are ready. >> steve: nicely done. >> tomorrow we'll let you know thousand went. >> steve: the other tail of the tape. the economic tape, big economic news breaking, weekly jobless numbers are out. we'll bring them to you live. then we'll talk to an executive who makes the hiring decisions for thousands of manufacturing workers right here at home. plus, remember the gsa official who spent your cash on a hot tub in vegas? we just found out the government spent a million bucks on stuff like yoyos go! here it comes! right in the numbers. boom! get it! spin! oh nice hands! now this is my favorite play! oh! [ male announcer ] share what you love, with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat! what do we do when something kreally wants to be painted? we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint a
debate. president obama saying yesterday that joe just needs to be joe. for mr. ryan, this will be his first nationally-televised debate. the up and comer knows biden is a veteran politician with more experience at these events, but he says biden cannot run from president obama's record. a fox news poll just out finds vice president biden has a negative favorability rating, 44% have a favorable opinion of the vice president, 47% hold an unfavorable view. meanwhile, paul ryan is viewed favorably by 46%, 38% say they have an unfavorable view. but a lot of folks still don't know congressman ryan very well. they will be getting a chance to get to know him in tonight's debate. michael barone is senior political analyst for the washington examiner and a fox news distribute contributor. michael, what are you going to be watching for tonight? >> well, i'm going to be watching two people who have been good retail politicians, joe biden has won seven senate elections in delaware, a small state with only three counties. people expect to get to know their senators. paul ryan has won seven house ra
's heaviest hitters seemed compelled to help him fight back. >> when mr. ryan said last night that governor romney was a car guy, i thought well, if they have an elevator stack of his counts, i guess he was. >> reporter: the dynamics of incumbent's two debates mirror those of george w. bush and vice president cheney. bush was considered the loser, creating an opening for cheney to come out swinging against john edwards in the vp debate. >> the first time i ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight. >> reporter: president bush ultimately won re-election, of course, the same result president obama is hoping for. now for fans of former president bill clinton and/or the boss bruce springsteen, you might want to head to the parma, ohio, area this tuesday. those two will headline a rally for president obama. we're told the admission will be free. >> ron mott, thanks very much. >>> let's get a check of the other top stories of the day. tom is at the news desk. >> we begin with some dramatic video from colorado. it shows what used to be a single family home completely destroyed by what
or not ryan is committed to all of it and what the details are. also mr. romney talked about abortion in murky terminology. again an opportunity for biden to try and push at that topic. >> the same thing with congressman ryan. he can also push that the administration can't run away from where we are in the economy, even now foreign policy coming into play. >> right. i suspect libya is going to come up. it's going to abtough topic for biden to answer. it's strange because this was biden's strength. he was a foreign policy guy, chairman of the foreign relations committee. now he's going to have to actually answer questions about what we knew in libya, what was going on there. >> one final question. it is television and going back to the kennedy and nixon debates. everyone said nixon won. the young versus the older, the well made up versus the not made up. the age difference between ryan and biden and the youth factor, is that going to make a difference? >> it could play both ways. on the one hand ryan looks young anding inic which is about -- and energetic which is good. on the other hand you wa
romney's infamous 47% remark. >> mr. romney's a good man. >> reporter: ryan was ready with a well-practiced retort. >> with respect to that quote, i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> i always say what i mean. >> biden's recovery plan for a demoralized democratic base was not just in what he said but what he did. >> in spate of their opposition -- >> oh, gosh. >> the president was criticized for not interrupting. biden jumped in constantly. >> as a result of this -- >> it's not -- >> what we're saying. >> but -- >> mr. vice president. >> the president was slammed for nodding as romney spoke. >> biden used the split screen to give a running commentary of disapproval. with his facial expressions. ryan had a zinger ready for all that, too. >> i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground. but i think it will be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> for 3409 minutes voters saw two dramatically different visions on the economy. >> the last people who need help are 120,000
biden interrupted paul ryan last night. congressman ryan attributing ryan's actions to pressure. >> mr. vice president, mr. vice president i know you're under a l of duress to make up for lost ground. [laughter] but i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> don't talk take all four minutes then? bill: that happened. i want to bring back minneapolis mayor, and russ schieffer, senior advisor to romney campaign. i want to start with the mayor. thank you for your time. >> good morning. bill: was it durus rest? >> people people argued about romney interrupting too much in their debates. let's call that a draw. go to the real core facts here. joe biden did what joe biden does. he looked in the camera. told people to truth. it was bunch of straight talk. paul ryan talked about hating stimulus program and conceived that he tried to get the money from it. doesn't like security in benghazi but wound up cutting a whole bunch it. got into debate with his running mate who is in debate himself about abortion. when you look at this joe biden clearly won the de
as mr. romney promises he would. he drove that point home. paul ryan on the campaign trail in ohio as well today. the romney-ryan ticket has been spending more time in ohio than in the country. here is a little bit from governor romney at his last event. thehis president on friday the administration was to put out hasanswer to the question chas china manipulated their currency or not. they were supposed to designate that on friday. they said we will not do that. we will wait until after the election to do that. seven times so far they passed the buck on that. i'm not going to pass that off. on day one i will label china a currency manipulator and get serious about making sure that people don't cheat when it comes to trade. >> reporter: the obama administration asserted that doing such tough crackdowns on china could lead to a trade war of the fastest growing economy in the word and they said that mr. romney hasn't been entirely pure when it comes to doing business with china himself in his private life and private business experience. the romney campaign says it is all excuses and
the kind of fireworks largely absent last week in denver. ryan said he's ready for mr. biden to come at him like quote, a cannonball in an effort to even the score. >> romney had a good night, i had a bad night. >> reporter: the president, whose debate performance was widely panned, he vowed to be more active. cite sizing the former governor's punches in an interview from abc news. >> governor romney went through a lot of trouble to try to hide his positions because he knows those ideas have been rejected. they won't work. and if he's making an honest presentation about what he's proposed, he will lose. >> reporter: considered the big winner in that first debate, mr. romney has faced a larger, more enthusiastic crowd ever since. campaigning wednesday in the critical battleground state of ohio, trailing in the polls, but narrowing the gap. >> and the key thing i want people across ohio to understand and to ask themselves as you go into the voting booth, as you vote is can we really afford the cost of barack obama? and the answer is no. >> reporter: now tonight's debate will be a town hall fo
republican nominee paul ryan. >> the subject of his own debate performance wasser to one when world news anchor diane sawyer spoke to mr. obama at the white house. >> let's get right to it, that debate what happened. >> governor romney had a good night. i had a bad night. >> how bad? >> not the first time i had a bad night. >> i think what is important, the fundamentals of what this race is about haven't changed. governor romney went to a lot of trouble to try to hide what his positions are because he knows those idea have been rejected. they won't work. if he is making an honest presentation about what he proposed he will lose. because the american people are not going to go back there. what this comes done to is how we are going to grow an economy in which everybody gets a fair shot. governor romney's prescription is that -- if we cut taxes by $5 trillion, skewed toward the wealthy and roll back regulations that i have put in place, some how the economy is going to grow. i fundamentally disagree with that. >> your supporters say this wasn't a bad night. you didn't show up. >> it just l
the country, as has his position in the poll as he tightened it up in the battle ground states. paul ryan was on the stump. he went international, going after president obama as did mr. romney as well today, for failing to curb what both of them say is china's currency manipulation and unfair trade practices. this will be a big theme in the debate. here is paul ryan earlier today. >> the administration had their eighth chance to label china a currency manipulator. it's due in two days. they say they'll push this deadline off until after the election. that's eight opportunities they had to say you know what? play fair with us. trade with us fairly. we've lost hundreds of thousands of jobs, according to one study, because of just this problem. >> mr. romney made it a hundred two punch by suggesting that the president has failed when it comes to expanding america's free trade overseas by his inability to both sign and negotiate any new trade pacts. the president has signed a few, but they were negotiated by president george w. bush and there is one that has been negotiated, but not yet signe
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)

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